I took a trip this past Christmas to Oaxaca in southern Mexico.   We spent a week in Oaxaca City and a week on the coast at Zipolite and Huatulco.   Amazing place! 

We pressed all the pears we picked the week before and got around 37 gallons.                     

We picked around 500lbs of pears Saturday to make pear cider!  We’ll be pressing them next weekend.  My friend Kaan lives in the middle of a pear orchard in Hood River, OR, and we picked the fruit that was passed over after the orchard had been harvested.                       

Sungold tomatoes, Padron Peppers, Black Beauty Zuchinni, Thai, Opal, Lemon, and Genovese Basils, Cucumber, yellow summer squash, nasturtiums, Cascade Hops                                        

   one of the many small waterfalls on the Washougal River  

I hiked up Dog Mountain (near Stevenson, WA) on Friday.  It was foggy and windy at the  top but the wildflowers on the upper meadows were beautiful.                          

We’re super stoked to be playing Thursday June 4th at the Kenton Club with our friends Small Million and ADVRB.  See you there!