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Pear Cider Pressing

We pressed all the pears we picked the week before and got around 37 gallons.                      Advertisements

Pear Picking for Cider!

We picked around 500lbs of pears Saturday to make pear cider!  We’ll be pressing them next weekend.  My friend Kaan lives in the middle of a pear orchard in Hood River, OR, and we picked the fruit that was passed over after the orchard had been harvested.                       

Summer Garden

Sungold tomatoes, Padron Peppers, Black Beauty Zuchinni, Thai, Opal, Lemon, and Genovese Basils, Cucumber, yellow summer squash, nasturtiums, Cascade Hops                                        

Agua Frescas de Limón y Flor de Jamaica

I made some delicious agua frescas for a party we threw a few weeks ago.  For the limón, I juiced around 8 limes and 3 lemons with a citrus juicer and added that to the gallon jug with 2 cups of organic cane sugar.  For the jamaica, I poured boiling water over two cups of […]

Obsidian Knife

My friend and skilled primitive survivalist Kaan Oral made this beautiful knife for my boyfriend’s birthday.  The blade is obsidian (volcanic glass) he picked up in Eastern Oregon and flint napped, a process of strategic chipping, into the arrowhead shape.  It’s very hard to do.  Obsidian remarkably makes the sharpest edge of any known substance […]

Pear Cider Bottling

Yesterday I helped out my boyfriend Robert and friend Kaan bottle and keg 20 gallons of pear cider they had made in October.  Kaan lives out in Hood River, OR in the middle of a pear orchard, and they had rented a press when all the fruit was ripening.  Friday we’re throwing party with our […]

Pinot Noir Wine

This week I bottled 3 gallons of wine I’ve had aging in a corner of my basement for the past year. I don’t have a corker so I just bottled it in 1 L flip tops. I made the wine last summer when a coworker of mine gave me a 6 gallon bucket of mashed […]