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Pear Picking for Cider!

We picked around 500lbs of pears Saturday to make pear cider!  We’ll be pressing them next weekend.  My friend Kaan lives in the middle of a pear orchard in Hood River, OR, and we picked the fruit that was passed over after the orchard had been harvested.                        Advertisements

Pear Cider Bottling

Yesterday I helped out my boyfriend Robert and friend Kaan bottle and keg 20 gallons of pear cider they had made in October.  Kaan lives out in Hood River, OR in the middle of a pear orchard, and they had rented a press when all the fruit was ripening.  Friday we’re throwing party with our […]

Pinot Noir Wine

This week I bottled 3 gallons of wine I’ve had aging in a corner of my basement for the past year. I don’t have a corker so I just bottled it in 1 L flip tops. I made the wine last summer when a coworker of mine gave me a 6 gallon bucket of mashed […]

Fresh Hop Cider

I harvested the Cascade hops I have growing in my backyard and used them to wet hop our next batch of cider. I added them in the primary fermenter and just poured the sweet cider and yeast on top, which I’m not sure you’re supposed to do, but they were ready to use now, so […]

Fermented South Indian Dosas (gluten free!)

Dosas are a South Indian savory rice and lentil crepe.  They’re naturally vegan and gluten free and have the additional benefit of being fermented.  The batter is fermented simply by leaving covered in a warm place for 12-48 hours, and the fermentation process enhances the flavor and increases the nutritional value and digestibility of the grains and legumes. Ingredients: […]

Cider Bottling/ Brewing

I bottled our last batch of cider and brewed a new one with 6 gallons of shelf stable Ryan’s Cider (from Hood River, OR) and Safale T-58 yeast. I added 1.5 C sugar dissolved in 2 C boiling water to bring the gravity up to 1.068 (from 1.050 just the juice).

Bottling Day, IPA

Today we bottled our IPA from the earlier post.  We racked (siphoned) it into a bucket with 5oz of priming sugar and then from there siphoned it into bottles with a bottling wand.  We got 44 12oz bottles and 6 22oz.  They will bottle condition for 2 weeks to develop carbonation. Here