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Concord Grape Jelly & Juice

I have an old Concord grape vine in my backyard that I harvested maybe 40 lbs of fruit from last week. They’re a difficult fruit to work with because of the seeds but are worth the trouble. Concord grapes have a very particular flavor that most of us have tasted many times before in shelf […]

Refrigerator Pickles with Lemon Slices and Basil

I made these with lemon and some of the lime basil I have growing in my garden. 3 cucumbers, 1/2 onion both sliced through a salad shooter, 5 cloves garlic, 2 Serrano chiles minced, 1 lemon and a handful of basil leaves sliced thinly, salt. I pack it all into a 1/2 gal glass jar […]

Raspberry Jam

We picked a ton of berries on Sauvie Island at Columbia Farms. ($20 for 10 lbs). I made these preserves with 5lbs of raspberries, 2.5lbs of sugar, juice of 2 lemons, 1 T of vanilla extract. Mashed the berries with the sugar, added vanilla and lemon, brought to a high boil, filled sterilized jars, and […]

Wild Huckleberry Jam

I opened my first jar of huckleberry preserves from berries we picked on Mt Hood this past summer.  Delicious!  They have a more earthy, tart flavor than blueberry preserves.

Fig, Lavender, & Honey Butter

I made this by whipping a room temperature stick of butter with an equal part of lavender fig preserves I made earlier this summer from the tree in my backyard and a few spoonfuls of honey. Delicious!

Glass Gasket Jars!

My mom got me all these awesome glass jars for Christmas! She’s had a set for years now in her pantry that I’ve always liked. I’ve kept an eye out for some of my own, but they’re hard to find, especially the 2 and 3 liter sizes, which can hold a big bag of rice, sugar, or […]

Pickles with wild fennel

I made these pickles with wild fennel flowers instead of dill. Wild fennel is an invasive plant that’s in bloom everywhere in Portland now. The pollen is supposed to be an excellent seasoning as well. I’ve been using the recipe in this great book: