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Agua Frescas de Limón y Flor de Jamaica

I made some delicious agua frescas for a party we threw a few weeks ago.  For the limón, I juiced around 8 limes and 3 lemons with a citrus juicer and added that to the gallon jug with 2 cups of organic cane sugar.  For the jamaica, I poured boiling water over two cups of […]

Concord Grape Jelly & Juice

I have an old Concord grape vine in my backyard that I harvested maybe 40 lbs of fruit from last week. They’re a difficult fruit to work with because of the seeds but are worth the trouble. Concord grapes have a very particular flavor that most of us have tasted many times before in shelf […]

Refrigerator Pickles with Lemon Slices and Basil

I made these with lemon and some of the lime basil I have growing in my garden. 3 cucumbers, 1/2 onion both sliced through a salad shooter, 5 cloves garlic, 2 Serrano chiles minced, 1 lemon and a handful of basil leaves sliced thinly, salt. I pack it all into a 1/2 gal glass jar […]