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Obsidian Knife

My friend and skilled primitive survivalist Kaan Oral made this beautiful knife for my boyfriend’s birthday.  The blade is obsidian (volcanic glass) he picked up in Eastern Oregon and flint napped, a process of strategic chipping, into the arrowhead shape.  It’s very hard to do.  Obsidian remarkably makes the sharpest edge of any known substance […]

Wild Huckleberry Jam

I opened my first jar of huckleberry preserves from berries we picked on Mt Hood this past summer.  Delicious!  They have a more earthy, tart flavor than blueberry preserves.

Pickles with wild fennel

I made these pickles with wild fennel flowers instead of dill. Wild fennel is an invasive plant that’s in bloom everywhere in Portland now. The pollen is supposed to be an excellent seasoning as well. I’ve been using the recipe in this great book: