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Summer Garden

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Fresh Hop Cider

I harvested the Cascade hops I have growing in my backyard and used them to wet hop our next batch of cider. I added them in the primary fermenter and just poured the sweet cider and yeast on top, which I’m not sure you’re supposed to do, but they were ready to use now, so […]

Concord Grape Jelly & Juice

I have an old Concord grape vine in my backyard that I harvested maybe 40 lbs of fruit from last week. They’re a difficult fruit to work with because of the seeds but are worth the trouble. Concord grapes have a very particular flavor that most of us have tasted many times before in shelf […]

August Garden

May, June, July Garden

Kale Salad with Purple Carrot, Hummus, and Lime

I made some salad with the kale in my garden. I slivered about 3/4 lb of raw kale leaves and used my hands mix in 2T olive oil, 1T cider vinegar, juice of half a lime, and a half cup of leftover hummus. The acidity in lime and vinegar breaks down the leaves. Really good!

Distilling Rosemary Essential Oil

This is my friend Danielle’s essential oil extractor. I pruned a large rosemary bush in my yard, and we extracted the essential oil from it. It takes quite a bit of plant matter to make a small amount. The needles were loaded into the glass bulb which is attached to another glass part below with […]