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Mustard Yellow Wool Rag Rug

I crocheted this giant wool rag rug in Pendleton wool remnants. I have it for sale here on my Etsy page.  I made another one several years ago for my bedroom that I’m still enjoying today.  It’s held up well. Advertisements

Cast Iron Pans

My latest cast iron acquisitions. These were my grandmothers, and I think she got them from her mom. They’re probably around a century old. I’m seasoning them now in the oven. Can’t wait to try baking with them.

Glass Gasket Jars!

My mom got me all these awesome glass jars for Christmas! She’s had a set for years now in her pantry that I’ve always liked. I’ve kept an eye out for some of my own, but they’re hard to find, especially the 2 and 3 liter sizes, which can hold a big bag of rice, sugar, or […]

Cider pressing with found apples

My boyfriend and I pressed apples that we found on several neglected city trees. You can find quite a few when you keep an eye out. This press and grinder are available for rental at The Homebrew Exchange. This took some time and work. We got about 2 gallons out of around 40 pounds of […]

Found plum preserves

I picked a pound of these small red plums from an unharvested city tree. They were very tart, but the preserves are delicious. I wasn’t quite able to fill these 3 half pint jars completely. Hopefully the extra headspace won’t cause them to spoil.

Vintage quilt

I found this amazing honeycomb quilt today at the goodwill outlet center. It’s got some holes, but I think I will have a go at repairing it, or making it into something else.

antique cast iron cookware

I have several heirloom cookware items- a 100 year old molcajete and some cast iron pans that I love. I think of all the food that’s been cooked in them by past generations and also am amazed that they are still just as functional today as when they were made a century ago. I find […]