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6.4.15. Bisti, Small Million, ADVRB@ The Kenton Club

We’re super stoked to be playing Thursday June 4th at the Kenton Club with our friends Small Million and ADVRB.  See you there! Advertisements

Obsidian Knife

My friend and skilled primitive survivalist Kaan Oral made this beautiful knife for my boyfriend’s birthday.  The blade is obsidian (volcanic glass) he picked up in Eastern Oregon and flint napped, a process of strategic chipping, into the arrowhead shape.  It’s very hard to do.  Obsidian remarkably makes the sharpest edge of any known substance […]


My friend Kaan made me this beautiful basket for my birthday out of cattail reeds and cottonwood branches that he harvested. Thanks Kaan! He says that any basket you see is handmade because no machine exists that can produce them.

TP tube & dryer lint Firestarters

These firestarters made from two otherwise discarded materials work pretty well.